1. 1998-2000

    Britney Spears and her singles from the album “… Baby One More Time” to “Oops… I Did It Again” 

  2. when i was little i loved britney like nearly everyone! but as time went on i thought i was too cool for pop music as most teenagers do hahaha it’s ridiculous but yeah there was a time i would be like “i only listen to rock music i am cool” when in reality it was pop punk and not much different from everyday pop music when you think about it!!! now though obviously i’m older and i don’t give a shit what is cool or not and it’s awesome. so anyway, back to my point… i never thought i’d see britney live after outgrowing my phase with her although i’d always thought she’d be so fun to see live. my little cousin who adores her won tickets and i saw her last night and it was sooo awesome! i’d absolutely see her again if she comes back. i enjoyed it more than most concerts i’ve been to.

    i usually don’t like arena gigs but obviously britney isn’t going to play a uni any time soon haha and to be fair i wouldn’t want her to cause the atmosphere was so good. it wasn’t loads of young kids like i thought, a lot of people were older than me and it was cool. i saw katy not long ago and i love her but britney was wayyyy better, i think i enjoyed her more than miley cyrus also. i guess she has been in the pop business waaay longer though so she has one up on them but it does show, katy has like a million things going on at her show and britney doesn’t have as many but it’s still more entertaining somehow… anyway if you get the chance to see her then you should go. my cousin was crying haha she gets so emotional it’s actually kind of cute she was so excited.

    the wanted supported aswell, ahhh i love those boys. they were just too good as per usual!!!! jay’s dancing is hilarious also! i love joe jonas but i’m glad he wasn’t supporting this date as i much prefer joe in the band than on his own.

    can’t wait till jonas brothers reunite!!!

    pop music is just the best. <3

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  4. Britneyween

  5. BOMT era *-*